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Market Update – September 13, 2022

Money Market Accounts

I am hopeful that those of you with IRAs, 401Ks, 403Bs Mutual Funds, etc. are in cash (money market accounts).

On Sunday (9/11/22) I wrote:

"What we observed this week (the week ending 9/9/22) is what’s known as a 'Bear-Market Rally’.

This is a rebound from the market being oversold and, in my opinion, is not indicative of the market trend at the present time."

The S&P500 closed today (9/13/22) down 177 pts at 3,932.

The Dow Jones closed today (9/13/22) down 1,276 points at 31,104

Bear Market Rally

Today's volatility erased nearly all of the gains made during what I call the "Bear Market Rally" we witnessed over the previous 4 trading days.

I am hopeful that you transferred your money into a money market account during the latest "Rally," if not before.

Sorry guys, it's not over..................

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